As we treat many horses and dogs, we come across people that benefit from physiotherapy too. Could that be you?

All ACPAT Chartered physiotherapists are trained and qualified as human physiotherapists first. For this reason, we have a treatment room dedicated to our two-legged friends.

And with 17 years of NHS physiotherapy experience, we welcome people with many different issues. From post-operative support to balance problems. Not to mention more commonly experienced joint aches and pains.

We have two physiotherapists trained in acupuncture. Whilst not always available through the NHS, we use the therapy to effectively treat acute and chronic injuries. Why not talk to us about how we can help you?

You need to look after the strength and flexibility of your body for the years to come. You need to protect against further injury and prioritise the very best of care.

Horse riders and agility handlers are common clients at the Win Clinic. It’s not just their animals we help. When you’re a team with your horse or dog, you must both be at the peak of fitness to perform at your best.

From general fitness and core strength advice to treatment and rehabilitation, we’ll help you keep in shape. It might be a pre-existing injury that needs ongoing management, or a short-lived issue to resolve.

Many horse riders with low back pain have benefited from Zellah’s Pilates techniques too. Should you be interested in learning more, please get in touch.

We now offer both clinic and remote sessions routinely so you can mix and match with these appointment types to fit around you.

Trust us to support both you and your animal partner. Let us be part of your team.