Agility: training, fitness and physiotherapy

Dog agility training and competition can take its toll. Both on you and your dog. Specialists in this need for physiotherapy, we understand the stresses and strains that agility places on your bodies. We get it! And we can help you stay at the peak of performance.

We’ll work with you to tailor a bespoke programme, including lots of practical advice to make a difference. We’ll advise on pre-agility warm-ups and fitness regimes – for dog and handler.

Our canine gym is an excellent facility to help you understand the techniques we recommend.

Common agility training treatments and fitness methods:

  • Maintenance checks
  • Bespoke strength and conditioning programmes
  • Bespoke warm up and cool down programmes
  • Advice on fitness and the training principles associated with fitness
  • Assessment and management of poor performance

And if injury hampers play, come and talk to us in conjunction with your vet. We’ll provide specific rehabilitation programmes that return you and your dog to sport; fully fit and pain-free.

Does it work? Well, yes. We have many agility clients that swear by our work with them. The welfare of your dog always comes first. When they’re happy and pain-free, they deliver their very best performance for you.

Our partnership with Bonny Quick

The Win Clinic is proud to sponsor Bonny Quick. A successful, international dog agility handler, Bonny also offers agility training and tailored coaching in the South-West.

Bonny forged a close friendship with the Win Clinic as her interest in canine performance and wellbeing grew. Today, Bonny and the Win Clinic have pooled their expertise to offer products and services of great value to competitive agility handlers and their dogs.

Agility training and fitness days with Bonny Quick deliver an intensive session to fine-tune your handling and communication skills with your dog. Iron out bad habits and learn how to shave seconds off your performance.

Win Agility is an online resource for everyone interested in agility training and fitness. Purchase and download videos to learn specific techniques and see how the experts move around the course. Visit for more information.