ACPAT chartered physiotherapists

Due to the Coronavirus we are now offering the following remote services:

  • Remote new canine assessment – £45
  • Remote canine follow up – £36
  • Remote human new assessment – £30
  • Remote human follow up – £27

Please contact us for more details.

Animal physiotherapy

Human physiotherapy

Based just outside Wellington, Somerset our animal physiotherapy clients come from all reaches of the South-West. And beyond. A tightknit team of highly qualified individuals, the Win Clinic works closely with your vet and other specialists to give your dog or horse the best possible treatment.

When you see them arrive at the Win Clinic, you’ll know they appreciate this too.

Throughout the region, vets recommend us as a key choice for rehabilitation treatment after injury. Our canine and equine physiotherapy is suitable for all shapes and sizes, all ages and many injuries.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. We welcome the chance to work with you, ensuring a long and active life for your animal friends. Physiotherapy doesn’t just repair the damage.

When it comes to dog agility, we provide regular musculoskeletal checks and assess young dogs ahead of competition. Essential physiotherapy for canine sport. Optimising dog fitness is key to injury prevention and our custom-built canine gym is a great asset. If injury does occur, the Win Clinic is here to get them sporting fit once more.

The Win Clinic referral form

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Testimonials (see all)

Our dog has a very complex history and the Win Clinic looks at all angles of her health – not just the physiotherapy that is carefully managed for her injury – the whole ‘wellbeing’ and ‘bigger picture’ of our dog is cared for as well. 

Anita Hamilton-Cross

The help we’ve had from the Win Clinic has been absolutely priceless. Everything from maintenance check-ups, to pre-agility warm-up routines, to some very complicated muscular and spinal issues with both our dogs. They’ve taken it all in their stride, being calm, supportive and sympathetic (to both dogs and humans!). The clinic works closely with professionals in other fields and will not hesitate to recommend different treatments if they feel it’s best for the dog. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I feel lucky that we have the Win Clinic in the South-West.

Cathy Withall

I have been taking three of my dogs to the Win Clinic for a while. Each for various reasons. I have found Nicky’s knowledge and ability to adapt to each dog and their needs exceptional, and they’ve all improved substantially. I have recommended the Win Clinic to many of my agility clients and they have been equally pleased. I can’t imagine taking my dogs anywhere else now.